Our vision & mission

MALDI-ID is a team with a no-nonsense approach to sustainability. We aim to support better use of our resources and take care of the planet we live on. Through a coordinated program of management and research, and in partnership with industry, government, farmers and clinicians, MALDI-ID will provide science and management to improve bacterial identification. We focus on identifying and improving the symbiotic root nodule bacteria associated with our agricultural legumes, as well as identifying closely related organisms in clinical diagnostics, environmental samples and in the food industry.

What we do

The MALDI-ID services originated from research done at the Centre for Rhizobium studies (Murdoch University, Perth, WA) and Mabritec AG (Switzerland). We are all about quick and reliable bacterial identification for traditional diagnostics as well as niche areas including legume root nodule bacteria, rare species in clinical routine diagnostics, soil/plant/animal associated bacteria, fungi and insects. Each of these specific niches have been developed in collaboration with the respective academic experts to allow reliable and scientifically proven results.

Farmers would often ask the question "which type of rhizobia are in my legume root nodules and are they the right ones?". Isolating and identifying bacteria using traditional diagnostics is a tedious, time-consuming and expensive job, especially when starting from a legume root nodule. Therefore, Dr De Meyer investigated new approaches to identify root nodule bacteria rapidly and accurately using mass spectrometry and genetic sequencing. This lead to the establishment of the RHIZO-ID service for sustainable agriculture.

Dr Sofie De Meyer

Director MALDI-ID

Biochemist and internationally recognised expert in legume microbiology with 5+ years leading research projects (laboratory and field work) within Universities and Research Centres, both in Australia and overseas.

0451 50 54 56

Dr Daniel Kollehn

Director of Laboratory services

Molecular biologist with a 10+ years of experience in crops and natural ecosystems within Universities and Research Centres in Australia.

0410 46 80 83