RHIZO-ID can provide you with the feedback you need to improve your legume performance.


Improved performance of your legume crops and pastures will increase both your yield and profit.
And with a high performing pasture, your livestock will get to market quicker and have an increased meat fat score, allowing you to get a better price at the market.

With legumes, you have the fertiliser ready when your crop needs it the most without spending money. A good performing pasture can give you on average 200 kg of Nitrogen per hectare, increase the grain quality of your subsequent crop and save you $$ in fertiliser application.


With the power of science and our easy to use RHIZO-ID kits, we can identify what type of rhizobia is in your legume root nodules to improve production.

1 kit is sufficient for the analysis of one legume species.

Each kit contains four sample bags.

Simply send in roots from four different locations in a 100-hectare paddock and we will begin the analysis.

Our scientific-led research team use a mass spectrometer machine and genetic sequencing of protein markers to detect and identify the different strains and their unique fingerprints.

We generate a fingerprint of root nodules and then we compare that fingerprint with the database that we have comprised of the current rhizobia inoculants.


From the moment we receive your samples, you will obtain your results within 14-days.


The analysis is based on years of extensive research and has been proven successful.


Understand if inoculation has been successful for only $3/ha.